Overcoming the Misconceptions and Misunderstandings Between China and the US

China and the US are arguably the two most dominant countries on the planet in terms of economics, scientific advancements, current and future talent, and impact on our global environment. They also have completely different governance models and mindsets grounded in history and culture that will not change. How these two countries navigate their relationship has massive implications not only for their own well-being but for the well-being of the planet as a whole.

Pete Walker is an expert on US-China interactions across a broad range of topics including politics, economy, trade, history, and culture. As a senior partner at McKinsey for 37 years, Pete has spent almost 4 decades working in and deeply studying China while traveling to China over 80 times. He offers leaders a disciplined approach with which to understand China, avoid misunderstandings, and create a more positive and productive working relationship.



Overcoming the Misconceptions and Differences between China and the US

From aggressive rhetoric against China, to the escalating trade war with tit-for-tat responses, and China’s 2025 initiative that threatens the US global leadership in advanced technologies, tensions between the US and China (the two dominant forces of today’s world) have never been higher.


Speaking & Advising

Pete works with leaders across industries and sectors that have a vested interest in understanding and successfully working with China. He works with organizations, governments, academic institutions, and those intellectually curious about this important topic.


A Cold War in No One’s Interest

Today’s Cold War between the US and China is serving little, if any, purpose. Mainly, the goal seems to be to divert US voters’ attention away from the current administration’s mishandling of COVID-19. While, outwardly, the US has rationalized its actions as a response to China’s behavior towards Xinjiang and Hong Kong, within the US the human and economic costs of the virus are becoming painfully clear to many Americans. The human cost, reported daily, stands at 3.7 million cases and over 140.000 deaths, both…




“What an incredible gift Peter Walker has given to readers – a balanced analysis of two cultures, thoughtfully researched, well-designed, grounded in historical perspective to provide a reasoned view on politics, decision-making, future challenges and opportunities. Peter has laid the groundwork for understanding. This is the best read I have read on US-China.”